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Lostgolfballs.com is the largest recycled golf ball company in the world. We provide golfers around the globe with the finest quality used golf balls in all the popular brands. Being the world’s largest, affords us the ability to maintain inventories of the popular models you want every day.

Having the largest inventory of quality used golf balls is just the start of the story at LostGolfBalls.com. Our commitment to unmatched customer service and desire to provide you the lowest price for the highest quality used golf ball is what separates us from the rest. Simply stated, “We work to carry the golf balls you want, when you want them and at an affordable price”.

Company Culture

At LostGolfBalls.com we love to have fun. We often have competitive events that invoke friendly competition between departments. Our Holiday Decorating Contest is a prime example of the creativity that our employees exude every day!

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Every year our office transforms into a Winter Wonderland as teams redecorate their office space for the Holiday Season. Competition is always fierce and this year's winner was The Abandoned Elves.

See the Difference Between Refinished & Recycled Golf Balls Here!

At LostGolfBalls.com you can be assured that the recycled golf balls you receive have not been altered by us. The production of a new golf ball is a delicate mixture of art and science and we work diligently to assure you that the quality and performance of each golf ball we ship is maintained.

Our goal is to be your one stop for quality golf balls, gloves, tees and selected accessories. We understand that we need to earn your business one order at a time.

Saving you money when buying golf balls is our business and remember, “All golf balls are used after the first hit”

Thank You for choosing LostGolfBalls.com and please take your time to browse our site.

We offer Free UPS Ground Shipping to the continental United States on all orders that exceed $99.00.

Please feel free to contact us at 866.639.4819 or email us at customerservice@lostgolfballs.com

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