Why Buy Used Srixon Golf Balls?

Srixon golf balls are available in a variety of models and grades at We carry the Srixon Z-Star, Soft Feel, Soft Feel Lady, and more. Our AAAAA/1st Quality used Srixon Z-Star XV balls have an average carry distance comparable to new balls when tested at an independent research facility. Click here to see our Srixon testing data.

Our used Srixon golf balls are rated 4.7/5 stars.

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Grid  List 

48 Srixon Z-Star Yellow Mix Bucket
The Z-STAR has been the most successful and widely accepted model line from Srixon to date. It's the best, most affordable way to practice with the same ball that you play with at a substantial savings. This mixture may include all of the Z-STAR Yellow models: Z-STAR Yellow, Z-STAR X Yellow, Z-STAR XV Yellow, Z-STAR SL Yellow.