96 Callaway HEX Black Bucket - Factory Refinished No Logo

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This golf ball appears with no player markings or team or corporate logos.


Tour Distance or Tour Spin. That's the decision golfers have been forced to make. Well, not anymore. This singular Tour golf ball strikes the perfect performance balance for both the distance-seeker and the control freak. "i-CoreTM Technology • The combination of the soft inner core and firm outer core provides the optimal spin separation from tee to green to optimize the balance of both distance and control • Longer distance off the driver and long irons due to lower spin generated by the soft inner core. The spin increases closer to the green due to the firm outer core, culminating with higher spin off wedges for total control and aggressive stopping power • The largest inner-to-outer core compression differential ever in a Callaway golf ball for low spin off the driver and higher spin with wedges" "DuraSpinTM Cover • A proprietary formulation that yields the soft feel and exceptional short-game spin skilled players seek in a Tour golf ball • Significantly improves durability " "Dual Mantle • The combination of a firmer outer mantle and softer inner mantle help reduce driver spin and provide additional resiliency, allowing the dual core to unleash powerful ball speeds • Provides an extra layer of protection around the dual core, allowing our engineers the design freedom to take performance to an all-new level " "New HEX AerodynamicsTM • Refined pattern provides the best aerodynamic performance ever in a Callaway golf ball, reducing drag and promoting a stable, penetrating ball flight that holds its line in the wind."
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Published on December 14, 2017 | Ordered on November 27, 2017
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Published on August 31, 2017 | Ordered on August 15, 2017
Good quality.
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Published on November 6, 2016 | Ordered on October 21, 2016
Great product, service and value!!