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Have a bunch of balls piling up in your garage or cellar?

Do you have thousands of golf balls lying around your garage, attic or trunk of your car? Do you get your exercise from walking around a golf course hunting for golf balls? Has your spouse questioned you, say several hundred times, about your plans for ever reclaiming the square footage of your home that golf balls currently occupy? If you can answer yes or know of someone that can answer yes to any of these questions, has a solution for you. With our 21 locations around the country there is a pretty good chance we are somewhere close by and will send someone to pick those balls up from any location.

If I’m selling golf balls, how does this process work?

Selling golf balls requires just a simple phone call or email to us, our resident golf ball guy. Call or email us at 1-888-681-9381 ext 234 or with the number of golf balls you currently have and their physical location (city / state). From there, We will talk you through your options with the answers to a few simple questions. Please contact us to sell used golf balls only if you have 5,000 balls or more. If you have fewer, ask your golfing buddies if they have any lying around. Combining your stash is a great way to pay for a golf trip!

How do I get paid? How does shipping work?

We literally come to you at your convenience and haul away the golf balls. When you sell golf balls to us, you can have a check cut directly to you on the spot or choose to receive the equivalent amount of compensation in credit to spend on at any time you wish.

We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you!