Callaway Superhot Matte Red - 1 Dozen

334 reviews
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The Callaway Superhot Matte is a super long distance ball with great spin and control. It combines a 3 piece construction and soft cover which increases spin and control.


The Callaway Superhot Matte is a super long distance ball with short game spin and control paired with a bold design.


Softer cover delivers increased spin and control around the green.


Aerodynamic design is built for low drag and optimal lift which allows for a strong flight.

Based on 334 reviews
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Richard R
Published on November 25, 2023 | Ordered on November 4, 2023
goes long
Kathy S
Published on November 19, 2023 | Ordered on October 29, 2023
Bright color, great flight.
Preston C
Published on November 5, 2023 | Ordered on October 10, 2023
Great condition across the batch.
Henly P
Published on November 4, 2023 | Ordered on October 18, 2023
Condition as described. The rubbery cover just works for me.
Stephen E
Published on November 3, 2023 | Ordered on October 15, 2023
I could not tell these golf balls were not brand new! No blemishes or scratches present