Premium Orange Mix - Mint (5A) - 1 Dozen

96 reviews
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Golf Ball:
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This golf ball appears to have little to no wear but will include player markings and logos. Sold by the dozen.


The Premium Orange Mix is built for orange golf ball enthusiasts who seek distance with average to moderate swings speed, and prefer a soft compression feel. This mix may contain, but not limited to, various models from premium golf brands such as: Titlesit, Callaway and Nike.
Based on 96 reviews
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anonymous anonymous
Published on December 10, 2022 | Ordered on November 25, 2022
Quality low for mint
anonymous anonymous
Published on December 8, 2022 | Ordered on November 23, 2022
11 of the 12 balls were mint, the 1 I would say is still in good condition, I will take that.
anonymous a
Published on November 3, 2021 | Ordered on October 13, 2021
I strongly recommend LGBs. Great selection, great price and sound delivery. Plus, I stink at golf and always lose balls. :)
anonymous a
Published on March 17, 2021 | Ordered on March 2, 2021
anonymous a
Published on March 2, 2021 | Ordered on February 14, 2021
Good pricing interesting mix