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The Nike Mix Model golf balls is a durable two piece ball. This mixed model pack is a great way to experience many of Nike's popular models at a great price, without sacrificing the quality your golf game demands. This mixture may include RZN, Vapor Black, Hyperflight, 20XI, Mojo, Juice, Karma, Ignite, Crush, Velocity, NDX, Tour Control, Tour Accuracy, and Feel+Speed models from Nike. Nike Mix Refinished models may include Nike One. Please Note: This mix will not contain a set percentage of each model.
Based on 129 reviews
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Thomas H
Published on April 10, 2024 | Ordered on March 23, 2024
Very happy with the quality vs price.
Tim Y
Published on February 24, 2024 | Ordered on February 9, 2024
Great value and would do it again
Chase E
Published on January 22, 2024 | Ordered on January 7, 2024
I ordered the highest grade of golf balls and yet there were many, I’d say about 20 percent of them that should not have been graded as high as they were. Decent scuffs, scratches and some pretty bad discoloration as well. A lot of really good balls in there but still more lower grade balls than I would have liked to see. Also tub they came in was broken into several pieces when I opened the shipping box. But I got it on sale so it is what it is.
Michelle T
Published on January 18, 2024 | Ordered on January 2, 2024
got 2 buckets - one had 2 practice balls and 92 balls, the other had 100 so I guess I got what I paid for. I love getting balls from here, after all, they are all used after the first drive
Kirk K
Published on January 6, 2024 | Ordered on December 21, 2023
Almost all are in really good condition.