Srixon Q-Star Tour Divide Matte Red/Yellow - 1 Dozen

43 reviews
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The Q-Star Tour Divide stands out on the course with its unique 50/50 matte urethane cover


The Q-Star Tour Divide boasts all the drive-boosting, chip-stopping performance of a classic Q-Star Tour but comes in three exciting colorways. A resilient mid-layer increases speed off the tee. And the FastLayer core—which is soft at its center but gradually becomes firm around its edge—provides the distance and softer feel you’d expect from a fully-featured tour ball.
Based on 43 reviews
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David R
Published on February 18, 2024 | Ordered on February 2, 2024
Great used condition.
David R
Published on January 15, 2024 | Ordered on December 26, 2023
For the price, couldn't be beat.
Randy B
Published on January 7, 2024 | Ordered on December 17, 2023
Excellent ball for the price!
Dennis T
Published on December 21, 2023 | Ordered on November 28, 2023
Love this golf balls when you see them fly and when they roll.
Arthur L
Published on December 19, 2023 | Ordered on November 25, 2023
Good product, price and service.