Srixon Soft Feel Matte Orange - 1 Dozen

53 reviews
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Srixon Soft Feel delivers the same soft feel and incredible distance you love about Soft Feel, now in bright color options.


Fast Layer Core

With a soft center that gradually transitions to a firm outer edge, the Fast Layer Core gives Soft Feel incredible softness and great distance off the tee.

338 Speed Dimple Pattern

To get more distance overall and better performance in the wind, Speed Dimples reduce drag at launch and increase lift during descent..

Matte Visual Performance

Enhanced visibility so it's easy to find your ball.

Soft, Thin Cover

Provides more greenside spin and softer feel on all pitches, chips and putts.

Based on 53 reviews
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Donna S
Published on November 13, 2023 | Ordered on October 29, 2023
They look and play like they are new. They may have been hit once or twice before being swallowed up by the golf gods and ending up at Lost Golf Balls. Buying here is like getting new balls at half off.
Matthew N
Published on November 11, 2023 | Ordered on October 27, 2023
Love these balls. I feel like it’s Christmas every time I get my order.
Sam E
Published on November 11, 2023 | Ordered on October 25, 2023
Balls look and play like new
Chris B
Published on November 7, 2023 | Ordered on October 23, 2023
Great balls at a great value
Tracy B
Published on November 3, 2023 | Ordered on October 16, 2023
Balls were in decent shape but none of the balls out of the 5 dozen ordered had the same color as new balls. They were all faded a bit and most have some sort of scuffs on them. Not quite what I expected from the advertised "Mint/Near Mint" rating. Still very playable though.