Titleist Pro V1x 2016 - Mint (5A) - 1 Dozen

85 reviews
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This is a AAAAA/1st Quality Golf Ball. Sold by the dozen.


The Pro V1x deliver exceptional distance with consistent flight, more short game control and even softer feel from a new, patented urethane elastomer cover formulation, and long lasting durability.The Pro V1x offers a slightly firmer feel, lower long game spin and launches higher with a steeper angle of descent.
Based on 85 reviews
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anonymous a
Published on October 18, 2022 | Ordered on October 1, 2022
Grade #5 as promised.
anonymous a
Published on August 4, 2021 | Ordered on July 15, 2021
I opened the first dozen. Three of the balls had slight damage to them but I used them anyway. I found out that the finish also seemed not as durable as new balls. I could not rate these as mint., but cheaper than new.,
anonymous a
Published on May 25, 2021 | Ordered on May 4, 2021
Exactly as described
anonymous a
Published on March 30, 2021 | Ordered on March 10, 2021
100% as advertised as to promptness of delivery and quality.
anonymous a
Published on March 26, 2021 | Ordered on March 4, 2021
Great product