Titleist Pro V1x Practice Golf Balls - 1 Dozen

80 reviews
Ball Quality:
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  • -No pen markings or no custom or corporate logos.
  • -Same as Original Pro V1x golf balls with "PRACTICE" printed on one pole of the ball.
  • - These balls are NOT factory defect.
  • Details

    The Pro V1x delivers extraordinary distance with even more consistent flight, more short game control and soft feel from a urethane elastomer cover, and long lasting durability. The Pro V1x offers a slightly firmer feel with the ZG Process Dual Core and new spherically-tiled 328 tetrahedral dimple design, plus high launch and low spin in the long game.

    Please Note: This mixture may contain but not limited to mainly 2021, 2019 and small percentage of older year model Pro V1x golf balls. This mix will not contain a set percentage of each model.

    Based on 80 reviews
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    Bill Y
    Published on January 13, 2024 | Ordered on December 22, 2023
    First drive no warm up I noticed 10, 15 yards with driver the practice ball is the ball I play from now on
    Jordan S
    Published on December 18, 2023 | Ordered on November 26, 2023
    Great balls at a great price.
    anonymous a
    Published on April 10, 2022 | Ordered on March 19, 2022
    anonymous a
    Published on April 1, 2022 | Ordered on March 10, 2022
    Very happy with this product. Hard to find elsewhere
    anonymous a
    Published on March 28, 2022 | Ordered on March 12, 2022
    Good value.