Vice Pro Drip Mix - 1 Dozen

145 reviews
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The Vice Pro Drip Mix contains Vice Pro Drip Red & Blue, Vice Pro Drip Yellow & Green, Vice Pro Drip Lime, Vice Pro Soft Drip Red, Vice Pro Plus Navy & Orange golf ball models.

  • - Please note this mix will not contain a set percentage of each model and drip colors.


Vice Pro Drip Mix


Newly developed DRIP spray pattern on ball and packaging

3-Piece construction with cast urethane cover.

High Energy Speed Core (HESC) for higher ball speed and distance off the tee


Different edition with luminous colour particles creating a unique design and outstanding visibility

Optimized for higher ball speed and tremendous driver distance

Excellent short-game spin thanks to stick to the green (S2TG) technology

Decreased compression for softer feel and improved feedback at impact

PLEASE NOTE: This mix will not contain a set percentage of each model and color.

Based on 145 reviews
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William B
Published on May 27, 2024 | Ordered on May 12, 2024
Balls were advertised as mint or near mint condition and that was very accurate. Used these balls the past couple of rounds and they performed well! Very pleased!
Luca P
Published on May 20, 2024 | Ordered on April 29, 2024
Great condition
Dylan C
Published on May 19, 2024 | Ordered on April 29, 2024
Michael M
Published on May 12, 2024 | Ordered on April 27, 2024
A few balls were chipped.
Pamela T
Published on May 10, 2024 | Ordered on April 19, 2024
Great shape and value