Wilson Staff - 1 Dozen

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The Wilson Staff Model golf ball is a tour-caliber, four-piece urethane golf ball that delivers unmatched precision, speed and consistency.


Featuring a medium-compression core, the Staff Model feels great off the club head and achieves flatter trajectories on drives and approach shots from distance. Each Staff Model ball is painted using a finely controlled application process that ensures a nearly flawless finish, resulting in the highest-caliber performance.
Based on 8 reviews
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Andrew B
Published on June 9, 2024 | Ordered on May 23, 2024
Nice 4 pc ball. Over looked often, but grest
anonymous a
Published on November 8, 2018 | Ordered on October 22, 2018
anonymous a
Published on March 30, 2018 | Ordered on March 8, 2018
anonymous a
Published on December 23, 2017 | Ordered on December 4, 2017
My wife just loves these balls & I like the price.
anonymous a
Published on November 18, 2017 | Ordered on November 1, 2017
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