One Size Fits All Womens Glove-Pink (Left Hand)

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One Size Fits All Womens Pink Left Hand Glove


This quality One-Size-Fits-All Womens Cabretta Leather Glove is comfortable and designed for every golfer. Made of 100% Soft Cabretta palm and back, this glove is bound to give you control on your club with every swing. It is constructed uniquely with Lycra positioned in all the correct places to allow the glove to expand to fit a wide variety of hands. If you are a Right Handed golfer the One Size Fits All Glove will fit your hand. 100 % Cabretta Leather. Durable Glove that is made to last. Great for Junior Golfers as well.
Based on 2 reviews
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Published on December 31, 2019 | Ordered on December 16, 2019
My wife is very pleased with it.
anonymous a
Published on April 26, 2019 | Ordered on April 5, 2019
Wife loves the fit