Vice Pro Plus Gold - 1 Dozen

9 reviews
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The limited edition Vice Pro Plus Gold combines premium quality with exceptional design.


Vice Pro Plus Gold

4-Piece construction with a cast urethane cover

Keep In Line - Putt Line

Extra-thin cast urethane cover allows for a sticky and controlling feel off the wedge

Based on 9 reviews
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Thomad E
Published on April 11, 2024 | Ordered on March 21, 2024
I think the pro is my best fit
Published on April 7, 2024 | Ordered on March 23, 2024
Exactly what I paid for.
William B
Published on April 6, 2024 | Ordered on March 20, 2024
Highly refreshed with my purchase!
Brian D
Published on March 19, 2024 | Ordered on March 1, 2024
Amazing golf balls. And they all look brand new!
Peter B
Published on March 13, 2024 | Ordered on February 26, 2024
balls are fine. not sure about this colour....